Makirio Pop-up Store 2016

Many of us would agree that as Malaysians, we are blessed to have Japanese food that is affordable and accessible. But many of us could also agree that the menu is getting a little old. You’ve got sushi and you’ve got sashimi, take your pick.

The team at Makirito might have taken note of this because they’ve decided to answer all our prayers with a simple solution – sushi burritos. Better known as “poke rolls”, Makirito’s seaweed wraps lay on the foundation of Japanese rice, fresh salmon belly and mixed salad topped off with tempura flakes. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Customers have an option of choosing one of three sauces; Shoyu Mayo (soy mayo), Spicy Mayo (speaks for itself) and Shoyu Ponzu (citrus & soy sauce). Needless to say, the Spicy Mayo stole the show – it was a good alternative to sambal.

Makirito (a play on the Japanese word “Maki” and “Burrito”) spent a full week as a pop up stall here at APW, and despite the fact that we gave them the space from 10AM to 8PM, they would usually close 3 hours early from running out of stock… Selfish fellas (no pun intended).

“Eat it raw before all else”

Japanese Proverb, Kotowaza