Tiger Translate 2015

A movement that is inherently creative, Tiger Translate took to APW to showcase their vision of collaborative art. It was hard to mistake the event for another, what with the 2.5 meter tall tiger head resting at the entrance, giving the audience a brief introduction of what was to come. The geometric sculpture designed by Thailand’s very own Rukkit Kuanhawate was not all they had to offer, though. Dwelling deeper into the heart of APW, one would witness the many-faced nature of art revolving around the theme of Tiger’s – well, tiger. Upon noticing Louise Low’s rendition of the wild feline made entirely of shattered glass, it became clear to us that Tiger is an artistic avenue that believes in limitations, but ride with it anyway.

Tiger Translate’s definition of art was not limited to sculptures and paintings. A multitude of indie performers (re: Love me Butch, My Little Airport) graced the stage in the heart of APW, exuding a sense of fervent pride under lights of blue and orange. Creative individuals were also encouraged to throw paint-balloons (like water balloons but crazier) on a majestic acrylic glass made up of smaller glasses that could be taken home as a little souvenier. Needless to say, Tiger Translate was a wild night (geddit?).

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas