Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Launch

Inspired by the gallant madness that comes with the night, Urban Decay’s new line of Vice Lipsticks put into colour what we couldn’t put into words. Coming up with names such as Heroine, Pandemonium, Frenemy and Perversion, these lipsticks tell a tale about the mysterious youth of our gothic generation.

Understanding that Urban Decay is a creative entity on its own, we at APW gave them the option of transforming our coworking space, Uppercase, into a city of light. Upon entering the space, one would’ve assumed it to have been an underground club reminiscent of San Francisco and Tokyo (San Fransokyo?). The DJ was in full view, being placed on a pedestal in the shape of a boxing ring (they didn’t let us keep that one) where the emcee lead the show, ring-leader style. Located at the back of the space was the No-Tell Motel… a makeshift hotel redolent of Uma Thurman’s room in Pulp Fiction. Laid out in a row on the platform behind the stage were makeup stations, where professional makeup artists were present to bring out the vice in every woman.

Each and every corner of every room was digested and regurgitated into something completely new. Shocked as we were, we could not help but feel impressed by the magnificent change created by the team at Urban Decay.

“Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light? Or just another lost angel… City of Night? ”

Jim Morrison