Wine Fiesta 2016

Serving over 100 selections of wines, The Straits Wine Company won the hearts of many yet again with an experience that many won’t forget (or will they?). Representing the wine industry as Malaysia’s largest wine festival, Wine Fiesta 2016 brought in wines from various countries including France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa and – wait for it – China.

We can be certain that most of us were not even aware of China being a country that would find any interest in making wine let alone being known within the wine industry for their vineyards. French producers have had a relationship with China for a while now, utilising their internationally acclaimed vineyards in Ningxia. Apparently, China holds a strong position in the ranking of top ten global markets for wine – who woulda guessed?

Being the only outdoor wine festival in the region that caters to all levels of wine lovers, Wine Fiesta 2016 attracted a range of characters; from expats to local businesspeople, lovers of art and students with a mature palate. It is difficult to deny that this event was a cheerful one. The sound of laughter overshadowed what was then, a rainy day. A curious sense of joy that often comes with a good glass(es) of wine, the smell of hot saffron risotto whipped up by Riccardo Ferrarotti of Bottega Mediterranea and the ambiance that cannot be described without incorporating the word “friendly” – Wine Fiesta will always be an event to look forward to.

“In wine, there’s truth.”

Pliny the Elder, Natural History