Go Fast or Go Home Screening

What happens when you take a professional racecar driver out of a racecar, and throw him into a series of traditional races around South East Asia? You get GoASEAN’s (Astro 737) latest travel/adventure series titled “Go Fast or Go Home”.

Usually accustomed to racing purpose-built Formula 3 racing machines, Young Malaysian Daniel Woodroof steps out of the clean-cut spotlight for something a little less glamorous. Literally getting “down and dirty”, the screening of Episode 3 of the series showcased Daniel literally strapping himself onto the back of two bulls, and going head to head with a local champion in Padang, Indonesia. What they lacked in horsepower, they made up in bull-power, as they were nothing short of terrifying for the Malaysian – who’s genuine fear had the crowd in The Bookmark in tears with laughter. It turns out the fear of one can translate into the amusement of many!

The simple arrangement of chairs in-front of the screen provided an intimate affair for the crowd composed of the crew, close friends and family, who all shared words of thank you’s and hard work through til the late night – they did not go home fast!

“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough”

Mario Andretti